Stories of hope, love and community weave through each Nala garment. Meet some of the women of Nala below! 


Bethlehem, otherwise known as Betti, is currently working toward her Women’s Health Degree.   When we met Betti she was preparing to leave her schooling behind due to a lack of funds. Nala provides a living wage to Betti, covering her school and book cost.   Betti is cheerful and always willing to help new girls with difficult sewing tasks and has been with our program for almost two years.  Thank You for changing Betti’s life! 


Before joining Nala as a seamstress, Kabul lacked community and safety.  Now a member of the Nala team, Kabul has a safe and supportive community and earns a living wage. The other women in Nala have become like family to her, and she lives at the Nala complex. Kabul attends weekend classes at the University to continue her education. 

Our US-based staff and volunteers are also part of the Nala story, as well as everyone who purchases or wears Nala garments. We each have our own reasons for supporting the mission and getting involved. What’s yours?

WHY I WORK WITH NALA | Sarah Allison, Development Director

“Nala has allowed me to see how teaching women a skill is giving them the opportunity to dream. The confidence they are getting from sewing is contagious, truly changing their families and communities in such practical ways. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to advance this cause using my professional experience. Empowering women is full circle with Nala, working with volunteers and women who are experiencing personal growth through this program has been life changing for me too!”

“I volunteer at Nala because I believe I can play a small part in helping women become empowered by learning new skills. Not just sewing skills but interpersonal, team-playing, responsibility skills. I also passionately believe that sewing is a skill to be shared. Things made with our hands are gifts to others and to ourselves. The Nala seamstresses feel such joy in our accomplishments and achievements. Plus, the garments are gorgeous and functional! My involvement in Nala fills a spot in my life that I didn’t even know was empty. I’ve met amazing women and know I am helping women in Africa and St. Louis join together in sweet and significant ways.”

Meet some of our staff in St. Louis, Mo and hear what they have to say about Nala:   

“I love working with the staff and volunteers of Nala.  They are kind and patient with me and I am so happy to learn a new skill and have a job which will assist me in my life in the United States.  I come from East Africa and there are many adjustments but having friends at Nala is helping me to be stronger and have hope.”


“This place feels like home.  We don’t have to explain why we dress the way we do. We feel understood and accepted.  We love  learning from one another.”