Ethically made women’s clothing

Job skills training and employment

Community and hope

Nala is a program that combats poverty and oppression by teaching women to sew and paying them a fair wage for their work while raising awareness about gender inequality.

Nala is designed as a long-term, sustainable solution to elevate the status of women through enterprise. Our program provides a living wage to women in East Africa who have lived in abject poverty and have experienced things such as forced labor, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, and gender inequality. The income for these women is generated by the sale of Nala’s garments in the USA. We work across religious and cultural divides, amongst women who desire to be an agent of hope and peace in the communities in which they live. 

In coordination with this project we employ refugee women in St. Louis, MO who are part of a team that designs and creates sample pieces of the garments produced in East Africa.

The word Nala stands for “us” in the Somali language. We chose this name to represent our feeling that the struggle of a girl or woman in East Africa is also our struggle. We believe that injustice has a rippling effect on our world, and it is our call to fight for our sisters who are not considered equal to men and lack the opportunities that most Western women enjoy.

Our vision is to employ 100 women in East Africa and 25 refugee women in St. Louis to be agents of change in their communities; This is made possible through the purchases of garments in our Nala clothing line.




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