Donate today and empower women across the globe!

Our vision of employing 100 women in East Africa and 25 refugee women in St. Louis is grand, but we believe it is possible! Currently it costs $45.00 to train a new employee in Africa and $400.00 to train a new employee in St. Louis. Your donation helps to provide the training needed to empower women around the world, women like Kabul.

Kabul was raised in a small farming village on the border of Somalia. As a young female in an impoverished community, Kabul had few educational or job opportunities available to her. She was uncertain of her future and how she would be able to provide for herself, but Kabul found hope for a better life when she became a seamstress with Nala. Working alongside other Somali women and sewing instructors, Kabul learned to sew and now creates beautiful garments like those on our shop page. As a Nala seamstress, Kabul earns a fair wage and works in a warm, supportive environment.