Advocate for Nala

The sale of Nala garments generates the wages for our female artisans. The more garments sold, the more women we can train and employ in the art of sewing.

By advocating for Nala, you’re providing opportunities for more women to experience the independence and confidence that comes with mastering a trade and earning a fair wage.  

What is a Nala Advocate?

Nala Advocates are individuals who want to be agents of change in the world. We believe we can accomplish more together, and we need your help to get the word out about what is possible when we pair fashion with a desire to empower traditionally marginalized women.  

What do Advocates do to support the women of Nala?
  • Follow Nala on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Share at least 3 posts from each of our social media platforms
  • Like Nala posts throughout the year and comment on the Nala Instagram account 
  • Take one photo shoot of you in your garment (working with a professional photographer is a plus but not required). Send us your best shots for us to share!
  • Post photos of yourself in your Nala garment and tag us

Nala Advocates with over 500 Instagram followers will receive a free garment, and if you participate in the above activities you will receive a new garment the following season. 

Interested in becoming an Advocate?

Let us know! Contact us by phone at 314-260-9535 or email us at Please include “Advocate” in the subject line. 

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